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​Choosing the Best Tags to Optimize Episode SEO

Our tips to increase the discoverability of each podcast episode by adding the most relevant tags for your audience.

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What is the purpose of tags to boost the SEO of my episodes?

🏷️ A Tag is a keyword or group of keywords that you can add to an episode to make it more easily discoverable in search results!

Tags are invisibly incorporated into your podcast's RSS feed by Ausha and are only visible to search engine algorithms. Listeners will have no knowledge of the tags as they will never be displayed publicly! 🤫

Tags will primarily be a key tool to boost the SEO of your podcast's Ausha website!

Adding tags will allow the Ausha page dedicated to each episode to rise as high as possible in Google, Bing, etc. search results. 🤖

📖 To understand in detail how to add a tag, check out our articles:

How many tags should I add to each episode?

You have the option to add up to 20 tags for each episode! 👈

💡 Our advice: use the maximum number of tags to increase your chances of appearing in search results.

From the Settings > Information tab, you can add predefined tags that will be automatically added to each new episode (See article: how to add predefined tags for each episode? 📕).

Nevertheless, we recommend prioritizing at least 2/3 new tags for each episode (vs. 1/3 predefined tags) to cover a wide range of keywords over time! 🚀

How to identify the best tags for each of my episodes?

🧭 To determine the most appropriate tags for each episode, ask yourself: what are the keywords that the target listener of my episode would type in their search bar to discover content like this? 👈

You can then create a list of keywords that will be perfect as tags for your episode! 🔑

💡 Some tips for identifying keywords searched by your audience to create your tags:

➡️ Use tools that allow you to identify keyword trends like Google Trends or Semrush

➡️ Create a ChatGPT conversation in which you ask it to suggest a list of 20 keywords for each of your episodes.

Here are the elements we recommend providing for optimal results👇

  • The title of your episode

  • The full description of your episode (specify to provide complementary keywords that are not mentioned in your description)

  • The typical profile of your listener persona, i.e., your target listener (see our Model "Define my listener persona") 👩‍💻🧑‍💻

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