How do I edit my show’s predefined tags?

You can modify the predefined tags for your show at any time, and they will automatically be added to your created episodes.

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💡 This article provides instructions on how to modify the predefined tags for your show (= the entire podcast). If you want to learn how to modify tags for a specific episode, please refer to this article: How to modify an episode? 👈

What are tags?

A tag is a keyword or group of keywords that you can add to an episode or your entire show to enhance the discoverability of your podcast. 💪

Tags are embedded hidden in your podcast's RSS feed by Ausha and are only visible to listening platform algorithms. Listeners won't be aware of the tags as they will never be displayed publicly on platforms (this is different from the episode description or your show's description, for example).

By adding a tag, you increase the chances of your podcast (or one of its episodes) being discovered by a listener who searches for that keyword in a listening app's search bar! 👨‍💻

You can add up to 20 tags:

  • To your show (they will be automatically added to each of your future episodes)

  • To each episode (see our article: How to publish an episode 👈)

💡 While tags are very useful for increasing the discoverability of your podcast through specific words, they are part of an overall effort to optimize your podcast's visibility, including regular publishing, providing detailed descriptions, audience engagement, and more.

Adding a tag alone cannot guarantee your podcast will top the charts; it will only be effective when accompanied by these actions! 🤗

How to modify the predefined tags for my show?

You can modify (add, remove) the predefined tags for your podcast (= your show) at any time, and they will automatically be added to your future episodes. You can do this directly from the Ausha interface, and there is no need to take any additional steps with the platforms as they will automatically retrieve the changes.

Here's what you need to do: 👇

  • Log in to Ausha and go to the Settings tab.

  • Navigate to the Details section.

  • In the Predefined Tags field, you can add (up to 20) or remove tags.

  • To add a tag, simply type one or multiple keywords (a tag can contain multiple words) and press Enter on your keyboard to confirm (no need to add commas or hashtags). To remove a tag, click on the cross next to the tag.

  • Don't forget to Save at the bottom of the page! ✅

💡 The predefined tags will be automatically added to your future episodes. However, any updates made to the predefined tags of your show will not apply to past episodes created before the modification.

And there you have it! You have just boosted the visibility of your podcast on listening platforms and search engines thanks to Ausha! 🚀

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