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  • What are tags?

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Note: this article explains how to edit a show’s (= an entire podcast’s) predefined tags. If you want to know how to modify a particular episode’s tags, check out this article: “How do I to modify an episode?

What are tags?

A Tag is a keyword or a group of keywords that you can add to an episode or to your entire show to boost your podcast’s search ranking.

Tags are incorporated discretely in your podcast’s RSS feed by Ausha, and thus are only visible to listening platforms’ algorithms. Listeners won’t know about your tags because your tags aren’t publicly displayed on listening platforms (unlike your episode or show descriptions which are displayed).

By adding a tag, you maximize the chances that your podcast (or one of its episodes) is discovered by a listener who entered a keyword in their listening application’s search bar.

You can add up to 20 tags:

  • To your show (they will be added by default to each of your future episodes).

  • To each episode (see this article).

💡 Note: tags are very useful for increasing your podcast’s discoverability in specific terms, but they also contribute to your podcast’s global search ranking (publishing regularity, description, audience loyalty, etc.). Adding a tag doesn’t guarantee that your podcast is the first result when a listener searches for that keyword in a listening application.

How do I edit my show’s predefined tags?

You can modify (add, delete) your podcast’s (= your show’s) predefined tags - which are automatically added to future episodes - at any time. Everything can be managed directly from the Ausha interface, there are no other steps required on the platforms since they will pick up changes automatically.

Here are the steps:

  • Connect to your Ausha account and head to the Settings tab.

  • Go to the Information section.

  • In the Predefined tags field, you can add (up to 20) tags or delete tags.

To add a tag, simply type one or more keywords (a tag can contain multiple words) then validate by hitting Enter on the keyboard (you don’t need to add commas or hashtags). To delete a tag, click on the X to the right of the tag.

  • Don’t forget to hit the Save button at the bottom of the page.

💡 Note: The predefined tags will automatically be added to future episodes. On the other hand, when you modify your show’s predefined Tags, the change will not be applied to past episodes (created before you made the modification).

There you have it! You just boosted your podcast’s search ranking on listening platforms and search engines thanks to Ausha! 🥳

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