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  • What is a podcast directory?

  • On which directories can Ausha distribute my show?

What is a podcast directory?

A podcast directory, also known as a distribution platform, is a solution (website, mobile application) that lets listeners tune into your show and its episodes.

Directories can vary in terms of ergonomics and features, but most let listeners subscribe to your podcast, receive notifications when new episodes are published, and even add specific episodes to their custom playlists.

On Apple Podcasts, your audience can even rate your show and leave comments (this boosts your show’s SEO on this platform).

Naturally you can select which platforms you’d like to distribute your content on, but we recommend that you maximize the number of directories your show is distributed on so that you can reach the largest audience possible.

On which directories can Ausha distribute my show?

Ausha can distribute your show (= your podcast) on every platform on the market, regardless of your subscription level.

👉 Learn more in this article: “How do I distribute my podcast on listening platforms?”.

Here is the complete list of all podcast directories on which you can distribute your show with Ausha, regardless of your subscription level:

  • Apple Podcasts (Broadcast with a step-by-step tutorial)

  • Spotify (Broadcast in one click directly from Ausha)

  • Deezer (Broadcast in one click directly from Ausha)

  • Amazon Music (Broadcast in one click directly from Ausha)

  • Podcast Addict (Broadcast in one click directly from Ausha)

  • Google Podcasts (Broadcast automatically from Ausha

  • Stitcher (Broadcast with a step-by-step tutorial)

  • Tune In (Broadcast with a step-by-step tutorial)

  • PocketCasts (Broadcast automatically from Ausha)

  • Overcast (Broadcast automatically from Ausha

  • Castbox (Broadcast automatically from Ausha)

  • Castro (Broadcast automatically from Ausha)

Also, if your show’s language is English, you can also ditribute on these platforms, regardless of your Ausha subscription level:

  • iHeartRadio (Broadcast with a step-by-step tutorial)

  • PlayerFM (Broadcast with a step-by-step tutorial)

  • JioSaavn (Broadcast with a step-by-step tutorial)

  • Gaana (Broadcast with a step-by-step tutorial)

  • Pandora (Broadcast with a step-by-step tutorial)

  • Podchaser (Broadcast automatically from Ausha)

  • Listen Notes (Broadcast automatically from Ausha)

  • Podcast Index (Broadcast automatically from Ausha)

For Boost-level subscribers and higher, you can finally deploy your show on two complementary platforms (regardless of your podcast’s language):

You can click on each platform’s name listed above to jump to the dedicated tutorial and blast off on your adventure! 🚀

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