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How to distribute my show on JioSaavn with Ausha ?

Here are the steps to distribute your show on JioSaavn

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🎬 In this article you'll find: 🎬

  • Everything you need to know before distributing your podcast on JioSaavn!

  • What are the steps to follow to distribute your show on JioSaavn directly from Ausha?

Everything you need to know before distributing your podcast on JioSaavn!

👉 Foreword: To activate distribution, your podcast must have at least one publicly visible, published episode. If your podcast only has planned or draft episodes, you cannot start distributing, regardless of the platform. To learn more, check out: “How do I distribute my podcast on listening platforms?”.

👉 Please note that distribution on JioSaavn will be only available if your show's language is English.

Otherwise, you will not be able to set up distribution on JioSaavn and others platforms appearing in the Other Podcast Directories distribution category on Ausha.

What are the steps to follow to distribute your show on JioSaavn directly from Ausha?

Here are the steps to activate your show’s distribution on JioSaavn directly from Ausha (we make this process easy for you!) :

  • Connect to your Ausha account.

  • In the main menu, click Settings.

  • In the left-side vertical menu, click Distribution.

  • Head to the JioSaavn box and click Distribute.

Note: If your podcast has already distributed on JioSaavn, head to this article to verify that you have completed all the required steps to ensure a successful transfer to Ausha.

  • You will be able to access a tutorial explaining the steps to set up your podcast’s distribution on JioSaavn. Click on “Start” to begin the tutorial and follow each step to the letter! 🤓

To summarize, in this tutorial (we recommend you read the entire thing!), you will be asked:

👉 Step 1: add an address email on your RSS feed by going to Ausha, visiting Settings > RSS Export and Then fill in the field "Owner's email address" with an email address that you can access.

👉 Step 2: head to and click on Get Started.

👉 Step 3: Signup by entering your name, email address and password.

👉 Step 4: Then Verify your email address!

👉 Step 5: Share your RSS Feed url with JioSaavn to import your show!

👉 Step 6: Add details about your show.

👉 Step 7: Claim ownership of your show by entering the verification code you received by email!

👉 Step 8: Wait up to 10 business days for your podcast approval!

If you are having troubles getting your podcast online on JioSaavn after a few weeks, please contact [email protected].

  • After following these steps on JioSaavn, your podcast will be validated within a few weeks (average observed delay, the delay may be longer at certain times of the year).

  • Once your podcast is distributed on JioSaavn, don’t forget to manually enter your JioSaavn listen link in your Ausha distribution settings.

To do so: head to Settings > Distribution > JioSaavn > Is your podcast already on JioSaavn?: Yes > Scroll up to find the Listen Link field and click on Edit > Paste the link to your JioSaavn page and click Save.

From now on, when you publish a new episode on Ausha, it will be automatically published on JioSaavn without you having to do anything else! 🥳

Note: distribution on JioSaavn is not always instantaneous, each episode may appear after a delay of several hours (up to 1 day). This is due to the technical inner workings of JioSaavn and how it updates with new content (the delay may vary from one episode to another).

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