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Checklist: 6 Steps to write and optimize your podcast description
Checklist: 6 Steps to write and optimize your podcast description

Discover our tips for crafting an impactful podcast pitch that will attract as many curious listeners and future fans as possible!

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β˜‘ Think of the description as a sales pitch

Write your podcast description like a compelling sales pitch. It should concisely present what your podcast offers, why it's unique, and what listeners can gain from it. The first sentence of your description is crucial: it must be punchy enough to summarize your podcast and immediately grab listeners' attention. 🌟

β˜‘ Start with an engaging question

One effective way to spark the curiosity of potential listeners is to start with a question. For example, "Want to uncover the secrets of [theme]?" or "Curious to know why [topic] is so important?" πŸ€”

β˜‘ Be clear about the topic, value, and audience

Your description should clearly state what your podcast is about, what value it offers to listeners, and why they'll enjoy it. For example: "It's about [topic], it will bring you [benefit], and you'll love it if you're [target audience]." πŸ’‘

β˜‘ Boost your podcast search optimization (PSO) by using relevant keywords

Identify the keywords your audience is likely to use when searching for a podcast like yours πŸ™Œ. Then, seamlessly integrate them into your description. This will significantly enhance your podcast's discoverability on listening platforms! 🎯

β˜‘ Optimize your description for Spotify

Specifically for Spotify, our research shows that repeating key phrases of a podcast within its description positively impacts its search optimization. Use this as an opportunity to make your show even more discoverable for your target audience! πŸ”₯

β˜‘ Limit the number of links in your text

Try to minimize the number of links in your description since most listening platforms do not account for them. Focus on the text content to maximize the impact of your pitch πŸ’ͺ.

πŸ’‘ Instead, mention your Instagram / X / LinkedIn account name where listeners can find all the relevant links you want to share πŸ”—.

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