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Checklist: 10 Steps to Write an Impactful Podcast Script
Checklist: 10 Steps to Write an Impactful Podcast Script

Discover our tips for crafting a script that will captivate your audience from start to finish!

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Choose your episode format before writing the script

Podcasts can take many forms: interviews, roundtables, storytelling, documentaries, etc. Decide on the episode format first, then outline its structure and start writing the script ✍.

Think about the entire podcast, not just one episode

When writing your script, consider the overall podcast: a consistent editorial line ensures each episode builds and strengthens your podcast's identity, themes, and goals 🌟.

Find your preferred scripting method

Every podcaster has a unique approach to scripting: choose what works best for you 🙌. Some need to write everything word for word, while others prefer bullet points or a list of ideas. Bullet points can be a script, especially if your spontaneous style brings the right energy and intonation on the mic 🎤.

Include ritual moments in your episode scripts

Your script should anticipate the editing and sound design for the episode. Structure your episode with clear sections to guide listeners, along with key moments and jingles for emphasis 💥.

💡 Use sound jingles, slogans, etc., to introduce recurring segments like games, Fast & Curious-style interviews, or signature questions 🪶.

Indicate the desired intonation in your script

Varying your pace and intonation can highlight important points and keep your audience engaged 🎤. Mark pauses to maintain a coherent and audible rhythm (like in public speaking!), and note where the voice should lower, especially at the end of sections and episodes.

Incorporate calls to action for engagement

Add clear calls to action to encourage comments, sharing the episode, or following a link. Turn passive listening into active engagement 💘.

Create a template to save time on future scripts

To streamline scriptwriting and ensure consistency, use a project management tool like Notion. Create an episode template with key moments that will recur in each episode ⚡.

For interview podcasts: Plan and highlight key moments

While you can't script an interview word for word, you can plan the structure and key moments of the episode. This reassures guests and enhances editorial coherence 🙏.

For interview podcasts: Share the outline with guests beforehand

Depending on your editorial style and your guest's personality, share the episode outline before the interview. Some podcasters provide all the questions, while others share only the main points. The goal is to use your interview script as a comforting framework 🫶.

Define thematic arcs for the interview

To maintain focus beyond the spontaneity of the conversation, define two or three thematic arcs you want to cover. This ensures the episode aligns with the rest of your series 🔗.

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