How do I update my podcast’s image?

Learn how to modify your show’s general thumbnail image from Ausha & find out when your changes will be applied on listening platforms

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  • How to I edit my show’s general image?

  • How long does it take for listening platforms to pick up changes to my podcast’s thumbnail image?

Note: This article explains how to edit a show’s (= an entire podcast’s) thumbnail. If you would like to know how to update an episode’s thumbnail, check out this article: “How do I modify an episode that has already been published?”.

How to I edit my show’s general image?

You can modify your podcast’s general image (= the sleeve, thumbnail, cover, jacket) at any time. Everything can be managed directly from the Ausha interface, there’s no need to take any actions on individual listening platforms as they will pick up the change automatically.

Here are the steps:

  • Connect to your Ausha account and head to the Settings tab.

  • Select Informations in the left-side menu.

  • Now you can click on the pencil on the bottom-right of your podcast’s image to upload a new image (see the purple arrow on the screen capture below).

  • Don’t forget to hit the Save button at the bottom of the page.

💡 Here are the size and format requirements for your episode’s image:

  • A square image between 400 x 400 and 1400 x 1400 pixels

  • In JPG or PNG format

  • 10 MB maximum file size

These requirements are set by listening platforms. That is why you cannot upload an image to Ausha that doesn’t match the file size, image size and file format requirements outlined above.

How long does it take for listening platforms to pick up changes to my podcast’s thumbnail image?

When you edit your show’s details from Ausha (such as the show’s image), these changes will be immediately incorporated into your show’s RSS feed.

🎧 On your show’s Ausha Podcast Page as well as in the Ausha Smartplayer embedded in your website, the new image will be updated within a few minutes.

📱 Listening platforms will pick up the image change within the next few days (the delay varies depending on the platform) and will automatically update your podcasts pages on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, etc. After updating your show on Ausha, you don’t need to do anything else!

You should know that certain platforms may take up to two weeks to reference your podcast using its new thumbnail image. This is due to the technical inner workings inherent to each platform.

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