What is the Website feature on Ausha?

Learn about what the Website (or Podcast Page) is for on Ausha and which features are included.

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In addition to distributing on listening platforms (see this article to learn more), Ausha helps you distribute your podcast on a Website generated automatically by Ausha (available for all subscription levels).

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  • What is an Ausha Website for?

  • Which information and features are available on a show’s Website?

  • Which information and features are available on an episode’s Website Page?

What is an Ausha Website for?

The Website (or Podcast Page) is a web page where your listeners can tune into your show using an integrated player.

With a Website on Ausha, you can:

  • Let your listeners tune in to your episodes online even if they don’t have a podcast streaming application installed on their smartphone.

  • Boost your podcast’s visibility as Ausha’s Podcast Pages are well-referenced by search engines.

  • Engage your listener community as the Website lets listeners subscribe to your show on listening platforms where it is available as well as subscribe to your newsletter (if you’ve activated this feature).

  • Provide an immersive listening experience for the world of your podcast, with a customised Website on Ausha.

Which information and features are available on a show’s Website?

On your show’s Podcast Page (= Website), here’s what your listeners will see about the show:

  • Title.

  • General image ("cover"/”album art”).

  • General description.

  • Listen links to platforms where it is distributed (listeners can click on the Subscribe button for the full list).

  • Full episode list with descriptions, images, titles, etc.

  • All playlists if you have created any.

  • All seasons if you classified your episodes by season.

You may also integrate external links into your show’s Ausha Podcast Page including:

  • ·Your personal website.

  • ·Links to other shows hosted on Ausha (4 maximum).

  • ·Links to your social media.

  • ·Your Twitter feed.

Which information and features are available on an episode’s Podcast Page?

When you publish an episode, a dedicated web page for the episode is automatically created within your show’s Website (= Podcast Page) on Ausha.

On an episode’s page, the following are displayed:

  • Title.

  • Image (if you didn’t upload a specific image for the episode, the show image is displayed).

  • Duration and publication date.

  • Description.

  • An integrated player to listen to the episode (which launches the episode when the listener hits the “Play” button).

  • The ability to download the episode’s audio file by clicking the download button (the down arrow "⬇️" to the right of the “Listen” button) if this feature is activated. You can also deactivate this feature (see this article: “How do I modify an episode that has already been published? ”).

  • General information about your show: title, description, listen links for each platform and your social media links.

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