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  • Which privacy modes can I use for an episode on Ausha?

  • Why and how do I create a Non Listed episode?

Note: The ability to create Non Listed episodes is available for Ausha’s Boost-level and higher subscribers.

Which privacy modes can I use for an episode on Ausha?

When you publish an episode, three privacy modes are available (for Boost-level and higher subscribers) :

  • Public: The episode is accessible to everyone. The episode will be integrated into your Ausha RSS feed and broadcast on listening platforms on which you have activated broadcasting.

  • Non listed: The episode is only accessible to those listeners that have a link to the episode’s Podcast Page. We call it “unlisted” because it is not “listed” on the public RSS feed for your podcast. The episode will be invisible to listening platforms.

  • Private: The episode is only visible to you, on your Ausha account.

Note: You can modify your episode’s privacy setting at any time.
See “How do I modify an episode that has already been published?” and “I edited an episode: how long does it take for the content to get updated by listening platforms?” for more information.

Why and how do I create an unlisted episode?

Important: on Ausha, a “Private” episode is only visible to you (the episode’s creator).

By opting for a "Non Listed” privacy setting for an episode, you will be able to share it exclusively with selected individuals.

For example, you can choose to share an episode exclusively with paying subscribers, community members, collaborators in your company, family members, etc.

To create a Non listed episode:

  • Within the episode, go to Privacy.

  • Select Non listed.

  • Finish preparing your episode and publish it. That’s it! 🥳

Only those with the link to your episode’s Podcast Page or direct access to the episode’s Smartplayer will be able to listen to it.

Note: Currently, it is not possible to offer Non listed episodes for a limited audience directly on listening platforms.

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