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Distributing my podcast on Youtube
How do I distribute my podcast on YouTube from Ausha?
How do I distribute my podcast on YouTube from Ausha?

Learn how to distribute each one of your episodes on YouTube !

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For Boost-level subscribers and higher (see pricing page), Ausha helps you automatically distribute your show on YouTube! 📺

This distribution can be set up in two steps:

Step 1: Connect my YouTube channel to my show on Ausha

1. (On Youtube) Create a YouTube account for your show.

2. (On Ausha) Link your YouTube account to Ausha:

  • In the main menu, click Settings.

  • Under Settings, in the side-menu click Distribution.

3. (On YouTube) Verify your YouTube account

Head to this link to verify your YouTube account:

Unverified YouTube accounts cannot publish videos longer than 15 minutes. If your podcast’s episodes are longer than that, it is essential that you verify your YouTube account, otherwise YouTube will block your episodes’ distribution.

Step 2: Activate an episode’s distribution on YouTube

Once your show is connected to your YouTube account, you will be able to activate distribution for your episodes on YouTube! 🥳

As YouTube is an audiovisual content platform, your episodes’ distribution does not work the same way as on podcast listening platforms (which use your show’s RSS feed to get updates).

Your show can distribute on YouTube thanks to a system specially developed by Ausha that generates a video from your audio file and transmits it directly to your connected YouTube channel.

For each episode, you must manually confirm that you would like Ausha to generate a video and upload it to YouTube, by following these steps:

  1. Create a new episode or edit an existing episode (see this article:How do I publish an episode?).

  2. In the episode’s edit form, head to the Options section.

  3. Under Options, turn on the Publish on YouTube switch.

4. Save your changes.


If your episode is not already published, the YouTube video will be generated at publishing time (whether it be manual or scheduled).

If your episode is already published, when you switch on this setting, the video will be generated immediately and will be visible on your YouTube channel after a short delay (between 2 minutes and 2 hours).

You should know:

  • If you didn't toggle ON the Publish on YouTube setting for an already published episode, or if you had published the episode before connecting your YouTube account with your show on Ausha, you can always come back to the Options for the episode, turn this setting ON and save the change. Your episode will then be automatically added to YouTube within a few hours. 🚀

  • The Publish on YouTube switch is deactivated by default (even if your YouTube account is connected to Ausha) so that you can decide whether to distribute your content on this platform. For each episode that you would like to upload to YouTube, don’t forget to activate the publishing feature by turning this option ON! 😉

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