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How do I move an episode from one show to another?

Learn how to move an episode from one show to another on your Ausha account

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Foreword: this article describes how to move an episode between shows within the same Ausha account. If you wish to transfer a show between two Ausha accounts, contact us at [email protected]

Here are the steps:

  • Connect to your Ausha account and head to the Episodes tab.

  • In the Episodes list, find the episode you wish to move and open the menu by clicking the triple dot “” icon.

  • In the open Episode menu: click Move to move your show’s episode.

  • In the dropdown list, select the show you wish to transfer the episode to and then click Move Episode.

That’s it – all done! Your episode has now been moved to another show on your Ausha account! 🎉

The episode will disappear instantly from your show’s episode list (where it was found before) and will now show up on the episode list of its new show. The moved episode is immediately deleted from the RSS feed for its former show and is automatically added to the RSS feed for its new show.

📱 On listening platforms (Apple Podcasts, Deezer, Spotify, Podcast Addict, etc.), moving an episode will be taken into account within the RSS feed update delay which differs from one platform to another (from a few hours to a few days).

🎧 On the RSS feed and Ausha communication tools (Podcast Page and Smartplayer), the episode’s move is immediate.

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