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  • Can I change my episode video’s visual appearance on YouTube before it has been published?

  • Can I change my episode video’s visual appearance on YouTube after it has been published?

Can I change my episode video’s visual appearance on YouTube before it has been published?

You know how to set up your episodes’ broadcast on YouTube (see this article) and what they will look like visually on this platform (see this article).

You may remember that the video generated by Ausha for YouTube includes the following elements:

  • On the top-left: the episode image (or, if you did not upload an image for the episode, your show’s image).

  • On the top-right: your show’s name and the episode title.

  • On the bottom: the audiogram (waves) that ripple to the rhythm of your episode’s sounds.

You can change the audiogram’s color which is generated for each of your future episodes’ YouTube videos.

To do so, here are the steps:

  1. In the main menu, click Settings.

  2. Under Settings, on the left-side menu, select Broadcast.

  3. In the YouTube box, click on the two-arrow icon in the top-right corner to expand the box.

4. On the new page, you will see all the settings related to your episodes’ broadcast on YouTube. Head to the Preview > Color section. Here, you can change the predefined audiogram color for your future episodes (but your edits will not have an impact on episodes already uploaded to YouTube).

This customization will be applied to future episodes published on YouTube. (This change is effective for new episodes but cannot be applied to previous episodes already published on YouTube).

You should know: It is not possible to modify the text (show title, episode title), the visual, nor other video elements.

Can I change my episode’s visual appearance after it has been published on YouTube?

After you activate YouTube broadcast for an episode (check out this article), a video file is published on your YouTube channel by Ausha.

If you edit the episode after it has first been published, your changes will be picked up by podcast listening platforms (Apple Podcasts, Deezer, Spotify, Podcast Addict, etc.) but your changes will not be picked up by YouTube. 😞

Once your episode’s video is published on your YouTube channel, it will no longer be updated. Unlike podcast listening platforms, YouTube does not automatically broadcast podcasts via an RSS feed and therefore cannot detect any changes you make to your episode (like changing the title, image, description, audio fille, etc.).

If you would like to edit the episode’s video, you will have to go directly to your YouTube channel, manually delete the generated video and publish your episode again on YouTube after making your desired changes. 💪

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