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How do I distribute my episodes on SoundCloud from Ausha?
How do I distribute my episodes on SoundCloud from Ausha?

Learn how to distribute each of your show’s (past or future) episodes on SoundCloud!

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For Boost-level users and higher (see pricing page), Ausha allows you to distribute your show automatically on SoundCloud! 📺

To setup distribution, there are 2 steps :

  1. Connect your SoundCloud channel to your show on Ausha.

  2. Activate publishing for each of your episodes that you would like to upload to SoundCloud.

Step 1: Connect my SoundCloud channel to my Ausha show.

1/ (On SoundCloud) Create a dedicated account for your show on SoundCloud.

2/ (On Ausha) Link your SoundCloud account to Ausha:

  • In the general menu on the top of your screen, click Settings.

  • Head to the Distribution section.

  • In the SoundCloud box, click Distribute.

  • Read the important information about distribution on SoundCloud then confirm by clicking Okay, I understand.

  • You will then be redirected to SoundCloud to finalize the connection between SoundCloud and Ausha. Confirm by clicking Log In and Continue.

3/ (On SoundCloud) Verify your SoundCloud account. To do so, simply click on the SoundCloud verification email you received when you registered for your SoundCloud account. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, don’t forget to check the spam or follow the recommendations in the SoundCloud Help Center.

👉 Unverified SoundCloud accounts cannot publish audio content. Therefore, you must verify your SoundCloud account, otherwise your episode’s distribution from Ausha to SoundCloud will be blocked.

Step 2: Activate an episode’s distribution on SoundCloud

Once your show is linked to a SoundCloud account, you can activate distribution for each of your episodes on SoundCloud! 🥳

Your episodes are distributed differently on SoundCloud than on other podcast listening platforms (which use your show’s RSS feed to update their catalog). Distribution passes through a system developed by Ausha which directly transmits your episodes’ audio files to SoundCloud (unlike with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, etc. which automatically retrieve your episodes).

For each episode, you must manually confirm that you want Ausha to generate the track and transmit it to SoundCloud with the following steps:

  1. Create a new episode or edit an existing episode (see this article:How do I publish an episode?).

  2. Head to the Options section.

  3. Next, switch on the Publish on SoundCloud setting.

4. Save your changes.

💡 You should know:

  • If you forgot to activate the Publish on SoundCloud setting for an already published episode or you published the episode before connecting your SoundCloud account to Ausha, you can return to the published episode, activate the Publish on SoundCloud option and Save the change. Your episode will then be added to SoundCloud automatically within a few hours. 🚀

  • The Publish on SoundCloud option is OFF by default (even if your SoundCloud account is connected to Ausha) so that you have the option to distribute only the episodes that you wish on SoundCloud. If you are using the free version of SoundCloud, you can only post up to 3 hours of content (this is due to SoundCloud’s billing policy which is independent of Ausha). You can therefore selectively choose the episodes you would like to distribute on SoundCloud and remain within the free 3-hour limit.

For each episode you want to show up on SoundCloud, make sure you turn on the option! 😉

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