How Do I Choose the Name of My Podcast?

Discover our tips for creating a podcast name that is easily identifiable by your audience and SEO-optimized.

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A good podcast name must be impactful both for your audience and for SEO on listening directories.

Ultimately, it should:

  • 🤝 Create an immediate connection

Your name should instantly establish a link with your target audience, giving them a clear idea of what your podcast will bring them. This first contact is crucial to encourage listening.

  • ✨ Stand out from other podcasts

Your name should distill the essence of your podcast, communicating not only the topic but also the unique value you offer. This distinguishes your podcast in a crowded market, attracting listeners who are looking precisely for what you offer!

How to create a captivating name for my audience?

Firstly, try putting yourself in the shoes of your target listener: what would be the words they are most likely to enter on their favorite listening directory to find a podcast like yours? 🔍

  • 🎯 Reach your audience

Use terms that resonate with your target and capture their interest! A name that immediately evokes the content and tone of your podcast will attract them more quickly and effectively.

💡 Don't hesitate to ask your target audience about the words they regularly enter to find podcasts to their taste on listening directories!

  • 🔍 Simplicity and memorability

A name that is easy to remember and repeat will promote sharing and recommendation of your podcast.

💡 Ausha provides a Podcast Name Generator: enter a word defining your podcast, and it will provide you with a list of short and impactful suggestions!

  • ⚡️ Provoke an emotion

A name that causes surprise, astonishment, or laughter may increase its chances of being remembered!

How to make the name of my podcast optimal for search engines?

  • ⛔️ Ensure that the name is not already used

A name used for an existing show will compromise your podcast's SEO, so it's essential to perform a search before choosing your podcast's name.

  • 🔑 Keyword Integration

Include strategic keywords related to your content in your name to improve your SEO on directories.

📕 To learn more:

  • 💡 Do not use the term “Podcast”

Listening directories such as Apple Podcasts consider this word unnecessary since listeners are already using a podcast listening app. This can therefore be detrimental to your podcast's SEO!

Tips & Mistakes to Avoid

  • 🗣️ Test Your Name

Don't hesitate to gather feedback from your friends and potential listeners about the chosen name. This will help you evaluate if the name is attractive, easy to remember and type, and if it gives a clear idea of what listeners can expect from your podcast.

  • 🎲 Avoid puns

Although creative, puns can sometimes lead to confusion or be lost on your target listener. They can also reduce the clarity and immediate impact of your name.

  • 📏 Avoid overly long titles

A concise title is more striking and easy to remember. Long and complex names can make searching for your podcast difficult, thus reducing the chances of your podcast being found!

  • 🇬🇧 Linguistic Consistency

Ensure that the name of your podcast matches the language of your content. A title in the same language as that of your podcast makes it easier for your target listener to discover it and avoids confusion.

  • ⏳ Reflection and Patience

Take the necessary time to choose the name of your podcast. Once you have launched your podcast under a certain name, it becomes difficult to change it without disrupting your audience and affecting your SEO.

The name of your podcast plays a crucial role in its success. It must capture the essence of your content, stand out, and be memorable while being easy to find. By combining creativity, research, and strategy, you can choose a name that contributes to the identity and long-term success of your podcast!

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