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How does automatic distribution work on Castro ?

With Ausha, you can distribute your podcast on all available listening platforms (see our generalist article: How do I distribute my podcast on listening platforms? ).

Good news ! On certain platforms, broadcast begins automatically without you having to take any action. This is the case for: Google Podcasts, Castbox, Overcast, Pocket Casts and, the star of this article, the Castro platform. 🥳

👉 Here are the necessary conditions required to allow Castro and the other aforementioned platforms to automatically broadcast your podcast :

1️⃣ Your podcast must contain at least one Publicly Published episode. See this article for more info: How do I publish an episode?

💡 Note : If your show only contains scheduled or draft episodes, distribution won’t work on any platform, be it Castro or any other platform. Having at least one published episode is essential for Castro to automatically detect your podcast !

2️⃣ Your podcast must already be broadcast on the Apple Podcasts platform.

💡 Note : Castro makes a copy of Apple Podcasts’ catalog. As long as your podcast doesn’t appear on Apple Podcasts and/or if you do not wish to distribute your podcast on Apple Podcasts 🍏, Castro cannot distribute your show automatically.

Once your podcast has fulfilled these two conditions, you will have to wait before automatic distribution on Castro begins (see part 2 👇).

How long should I expect to wait before my show is available on Castro ?

As discussed above in part 1, distribution on Castro is completely automatic.

On the other hand, broadcast on this platform, as with all the platforms that distribute automatically, is not instantaneous. ❌

🕰 You may wait over a month after your first public episode is published on Apple 🍏 before your podcast is indexed by Castro.

As long as your podcast isn’t available on Castro, it will be marked as “Pending distribution” under your Ausha distribution settings (Settings tab > Distribution).

If you see this status, that means you will need to wait a few more weeks for your podcast to appear on this platform !

Once your podcast is available on Castro, your show’s dedicated page link on this platform will be displayed in your Ausha distribution settings, as seen here. 👇

Even after your podcast shows up on Castro, your Castro listen link may not appear immediately in your Ausha settings and the “Pending distribution” status could still be displayed.

In this case, please wait a few more days for your Castro link to be automatically picked up by Ausha! 🙏

👉 Note : There is no way to submit your podcast manually to Castro. Therefore, you cannot accelerate the process of automatic distribution and you must simply wait for Castro to spot your podcast on the Apple Podcasts’ catalog. ⏳

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