Where do I find my Castro link?

Your podcast is finally distributed on Castro and you need your podcast link in order to share it. But how do you find the link?

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⚠️💡 Your podcast is not yet available on Castro?

Read our article first 👉 How do I get my podcast on Castro? 👈

Once you've successfully distributed your podcast on Castro, you can then search for your listening link on that platform to share it to your listeners! 🚀

⬇️ To find the link for your podcast page on Castro:

1/ Download the Castro application

👉 Via the Apple Store (via an iPhone or iPad): http://castro.fm/download

💡 It is not possible to get your listening link on this platform without downloading the Castro app

🍏 For now, the Castro app is only available on Apple devices. You will absolutely need to have / get a device of this brand to be able to download the app!

2/ From the home screen, in the Discover tab, search for the exact name of your podcast via the search bar.

3/ From the search results, click on your podcast to go to its dedicated page on Castro.

4/ You will see your podcast’s Pocket casts page, where listeners can tune into your episodes. Hit the Share button on the top right (see screenshot below) to open the sharing menu!

5/ Then copy the link of your page on Pocket Casts via the Copy button (see screenshot below) 👇

There you have it! You have obtained your podcast’s listen link on Castro. 🎉

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