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Where can I find my Overcast link?

Your podcast is finally distributed on Overcast and you need your podcast link in order to share it. But how do you find the link?

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βš οΈπŸ’‘ Is your podcast not yet available on Overcast?

Read our article first πŸ‘‰ How do I get my podcast on Overcast? πŸ‘ˆ

Once you have successfully submitted your podcast to Overcast, you can then search for your listening link on this directory to share it to your listeners! πŸš€

Here are the steps to follow ⬇️

1/ To get started, you must first get the Apple Podcasts listening link for your show

πŸ’‘ Overcast is a platform that makes a copy of the Apple Podcasts catalog and automatically distributes the content.

Your Overcast listening link will therefore be based on your Apple Podcasts link.

πŸ“– To learn more, read our articles:

2/ Thanks to the collection of your listening link on Apple Podcasts, you will now be able to identify what is called the "ID" of your show on Apple Podcasts.

🍏 The ID is the identity number of your show on the Apple Podcasts directory.

The ID of your show on Apple Podcasts is made of a sequence of numbers that you will find in the link/url of the listening page of your podcast on Apple Podcasts.

πŸ’‘ All podcast listening links are made up this way on Apple Podcasts:

It is this sequence of numbers, at the very end of the url, following the letters "id" that will compose the ID of your show on Apple Podcasts.

πŸ’œ For example, the Apple Podcasts listening link of the Ausha team podcast "Tips" is the following:

So here, the ID of our Tips podcast on Apple Podcasts will be 1632601800 πŸ‘ˆ

3/ Then add the ID of your show on Apple Podcasts to the generic link that all podcasts on Overcast will have.

πŸ’‘ Here's how the listening links on Overcast are set: where 0123456789 is the podcast ID on Apple Podcasts.

πŸ›  In order to know your listening link on Overcast, you'll simply have to add the Apple Podcasts ID of your show (see part 2 of this article) at the end of the Overcast generic link (after the word "itunes"):

πŸ’œ For example, we saw in the previous part that the Apple Podcasts ID of the Tips podcast created by the Ausha team was: 1632601800

Therefore, by adding the Apple ID of the show to the generic link by Overcast, we get the link to listen to the show on this directory: πŸ‘ˆ

And there you have it, you now know how to get the link to your podcast on Overcast! πŸ₯³

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