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Which listening platforms support chapters and how are they displayed?
Which listening platforms support chapters and how are they displayed?

Which listening platforms display your episodes’ chapters and how are they displayed?

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Which platforms support chapters?

With Ausha, you have the option to break down your episodes into chapters to offer your listeners an enhanced listening experience (see our article on How to use chapters 👈)! 🤩

It's an excellent way to organize your content, and for your listeners, to navigate easily through your episodes. 🧭

Here's a list of listening platforms that take into account the chaptering set up on Ausha:

  • Apple Podcasts (during episode playback)

  • Podcast Addict

  • Pocket Casts

  • Antenna Pod

  • Overcast

  • Castro

💡 Spotify does not recognize Ausha's chaptering. However, you can manually add timestamps to your episode descriptions. These chapters will only be visible on the Spotify mobile app. 💚

How do chapters appear on listening platforms?

The appearance of chapters may vary from one platform to another, but you will always find a dedicated tab or space listing the chapters of the episode, their title, and their timestamp. 👀🕒

Furthermore, the chaptering feature on Ausha allows you to enrich the information of your chapters! 🖼️ You can assign to them:

  • Visuals that will appear on the screen at the beginning of the associated chapter and disappear at the beginning of the next chapter

  • Descriptions that will appear under the title of the relevant chapter

  • Links that will appear next to the title (via a 🔗 icon, for example) or within the description of the chapter

💡 Even if your episode has fantastic enriched chapters, don't forget to provide as much information as possible when creating them (title, description, visuals, etc.). It's essential for the SEO of your podcast and helpful for listeners who listen from platforms that do not support chaptering! 🎧

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