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Which listening platforms support chapters?

Using Ausha, you are able to segment your podcast’s episodes into chapters in order to enrich your audience’s listening experience.

Currently, not all listening platforms display chapters yet (ex: Deezer and Spotify don't).

But we have put together a list of listening applications that do display chapters (as of this article’s last updated date):

  • Apple Podcast (when the episode is playing)

  • Podcast Addict

  • Pocket Casts

  • AntennaPod

  • Overcast

  • Castro

How are chapters displayed on listening platforms?

The ability to display chapters varies from one platform to another but in general chapters are displayed as follows:

  • A tab or dedicated space where the episode’s chapters are listed.

  • The title and duration for each chapter (in minutes and seconds).

Screen capture demonstrating how Pocket Casts displays an episode split into chapters.

Your listeners can tune in to the chapter of their choice – in one click.

If you have enriched your chapters, your listeners will see:

  • Images which are displayed on-screen for smartphones or other listening devices at the beginning of an associated chapter and which disappear at the start of the next chapter.

  • Chapter descriptions in the chapters list, under the title of the associated chapter.

  • Links which are displayed next to title (with a 🔗 icon for example) or within the chapter description

Note: Listening platforms that do not support chapters will not display any information related to your chapters.

That is why, although we recommend you use chapters in order to offer a superior listening experience to your audience, polishing your episode’s details (title, description, image, etc.) during the creation phase is essential. These elements are still critical for your audience to easily understand your episodes’ content! 🎧

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