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All Ausha subscription levels (see pricing page here👈) include one active show.

You can add an extra show to your Ausha subscription at any time!

How much does it cost to add another active show at my Ausha subscription level?

Each Ausha subscription level (Launch, Boost, Supersonic) comes with one active show.

From your Ausha account, you can pay to add extra active shows. The fee per added show is based on your Ausha subscription level (which also stipulates the features you have access to for all your shows).

Here are the fees for each extra show based on your Ausha subscription level 👇

  • $14 / month (or $168 / year) per active show for Launch.

  • $18 / month (or $216 / year) per active show for Boost.

  • $24 / month (or $288 / year) per active show for Supersonic.

💡 Note: your Ausha subscription is applied to your entire account. You cannot have a different subscription for each show.
Your Ausha subscription - including pricing, billing type (monthly or annual), and features - applies to each new show you add to your account!

How do I add a new active show to my account?

Here’s how to increase your active show limit for your Ausha subscription 👇

  • Log in to Ausha and click on your show’s title on the top-left.

  • From the show overview page, click ➕New show.

  • You will then see the Modify my limit window.

  • Click the “+” to add one active show to your account.

💡 On the left-side of this window, you will see the cost for one extra active show based on your Ausha subscription and billing frequency – monthly or annual. See pricing in Part 1.

👉 For example, in the above image, the rate is $168/year as we added one active show to a Boost Yearly subscription.

After adding an extra active show to your Ausha account, all that’s left is to jump into creating your new show. 🚀

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