To broadcast your podcast on listening platforms, you need to share your RSS feed.

Your RSS feed contains all the information about your podcast required for listeners to tune into it. Therefore the feed doesn't contain your podcast itself, but rather the podcast's address (URL) as well as all the relevant data about your podcast (description, cover, tags…).

Here's how find your podcast’s URL:

  1. First, connect to your Ausha account.

  2. Then, in the menu at the top of the screen, go to the Settings tab.

  3. In the vertical menu on the left, click Export RSS.

  4. In the Export RSS tab, you’ll find the RSS feed's address under Your Show’s RSS Link. You'll need this link in order to get your show broadcast across the expanse of listening platforms. To quickly copy your RSS link, click Copy link.

As images speak louder than words, here’s a screen capture showing how to find your show’s RSS link:

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