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Where can I find my Listen Notes listen link?
Where can I find my Listen Notes listen link?

Learn how to get the URL for your podcast page on Listen Notes

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Is your podcast is distributed on Listen Notes, and you want to share your listen link to your listeners? Or do you want to add the link to your Ausha distribution settings (if you came from another podcast hosting service)?

To find the link for your podcast page on Listen Notes:

2/ In the search bar at the top of the page, type in your podcast’s name to search for it.

3/ From the search results, click on your podcast to go to its dedicated page on Listen Notes.

4/ You will see your podcast’s Listen Notes page, where listeners can tune into your episodes. Hit the Share button and then Copy the url of your podcast page!

You can also copy the URL displayed on the top bar of your navigator (in other words, you want to grab the link to this webpage)!

There you have it! You have obtained your podcast’s listen link on Listen Notes. 🎉

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