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  • Which aspects of my Ausha subscription can I change and are my changes instantaneous?

  • How and where do I change my Ausha subscription?

Which aspects of my Ausha subscription can I change and are my changes instantaneous?

You can change these at any time:

  • From monthly to annual billing (or the opposite).

  • From Ausha Launch, Boost or Supersonic to a different subscription level (see the pricing page to learn more about the three subscription levels).

Changes to your Ausha subscription will take effect immediately, on every front. You do not have to wait until your next billing cycle for your Ausha subscription to be updated, your interface (for example, certain features are only available for Boost and Supersonic level subscribers) and your bill will be updated right away. The new bill will be generated and, if necessary, a new charge will be added to the designated payment card in your Ausha account at the moment when you confirm the change.

The remaining time left on your previous Ausha offer will be automatically subtracted (prorata temporis) from your new bill.

💡 Example:

  1. You are currently a Launch subscriber paying annually (132€/ year).

  2. Six months have passed since you started and now you wish to switch to an annual Boost subscription (290€/ year).

  3. You have only used up half the Launch subscription you paid for, which cost you 132€, thus you still have an unused 66€ credit that you already paid ((132/12)*6 = 66).

  4. The remaining unused 66€ from your previous Launch subscription will be automatically subtracted from your first bill for your new annual Boost subscription.

How and where do I change my Ausha subscription?

Here are the steps to change your subscription (changing subscription level, switching between annual or monthly payment):

  • Connect to your Ausha account and head to the menu labeled with your name at the top right of your screen.

  • Go to My account.

  • In the side menu, head to the Subscription section.

  • Then click Modify my plan.

  • You will then see a page with the different subscription levels available on Ausha. From this page, you can toggle between monthly and annual as well as change subscription level by clicking on Select Boost/Supersonic/Launch level.

💡 Note: The change of subscription level will take effect immediately and your bill will be updated immediately (see the first part of this very article). If necessary (as in the case when you switch to a higher-level subscription or annual billing), your saved payment card on your Ausha account will be charged automatically for the difference until your next renewal date.

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