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How do I activate (or deactivate) the Smartlink on Ausha?
How do I activate (or deactivate) the Smartlink on Ausha?

Discover the steps to take your Ausha Smartlink offline, making it unsearchable by search engines!

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How to Deactivate the Smartlink for My Show?

When you launch a show (= podcast) on Ausha, a special Smartlink is immediately created for you. 🚀

By default, this Smartlink is active and ready to boost the promotion of your podcast. 🙌

If you ever wish to deactivate it, for example, for a private or internal podcast, here's what you need to do 😌🧭:

  • Go to the Communication tab

  • Go to the Smartlink section

  • Here, you can uncheck Activate Smartlink

  • Save at the bottom of the page! ✅

💡 Note that by deactivating the show's Smartlink, the Smartlinks for your episodes will also be deactivated.

How to Reactivate the Smartlink for My Show?

Follow the same process in Communication > Smartlink > Activate the Smartlink, but this time, check the box to reactivate the publication of your Smartlink.

Save the changes and you're all set! 👌

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