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You have an existing show that is currently hosted on Buzzsprout – the transfer process from Buzzsprout to Ausha is a piece of cake!

Step 1: How do I import my podcast from Buzzsprout on Ausha?

Importing your Buzzsprout RSS feed into your Ausha account collects your podcast’s data (episodes, titles, descriptions, audio files, etc. – everything found in your former RSS feed).

To do so, here are the steps: 👇

  • Create an Ausha account on www.ausha.co or log into your existing Ausha account.

  • Once you’ve created or logged into your account, when you reach the show creation process, select Import an existing show.

  • Enter your podcast’s current RSS feed link (the one provided by Buzzsprout) in the Show name or RSS link for the show to import field.

  • Click Continue to confirm your show’s import!

  • All episodes (Published publicly on Buzzsprout) will be immediately imported on Ausha and will be added to your show’s Ausha RSS feed. 🎉

All that’s left is to tackle Step 2: Redirect!

Step 2: How do I redirect my Buzzsprout RSS feed to my new Ausha RSS feed on the Buzzsprout interface?

Redirecting your RSS feed ensures your podcast’s future by indicating to all listening platforms where your show is broadcast that they need to pick up your new episodes on a new RSS feed (the one you now have on Ausha).

To set up the redirect, follow these steps: 👇

  • Log into your Buzzsprout account.

  • In your Buzzsprout settings, follow the steps outlined in this article from the Buzzsprout Help Center to set up redirection to Ausha:https://www.buzzsprout.com/help/9-transfer-away-from-buzzsprout 👈

    💡 Note: You will need the new RSS feed link for your podcast on Ausha. To learn how to find it, check out this article: “How do I find my RSS feed?”

  • Once the transfer is complete (Warning: both import and redirect), you can then close your Buzzsprout account.

💡 You should know…

👉 Buzzsprout cannot transfer your listens statistics from your old RSS feed to Ausha. If you want to keep track of your previous listens, we recommend you download/copy/jot down that info before transferring your podcast to Ausha.

👉 Finally, you should know that this whole transfer process is completely invisible to your audience, regardless of their chosen listening platform. You will not lose any subscribers on the listening platforms: your listeners will not see any difference in the episodes posted from your former hosting service and those posted on Ausha. 🚀

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