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How do I import and redirect my Transistor RSS feed on Ausha ?
How do I import and redirect my Transistor RSS feed on Ausha ?

Learn how to migrate your podcast from Transistor to Ausha in two quick and easy steps: import and redirect !

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If you have an existing show that is currently hosted on Transistor – the transfer process from Transistor to Ausha is easy !

Step 1: How do I import my podcast from Transistor on Ausha ?

Importing your Transistor RSS feed into your Ausha account collects your podcast’s data (episodes, titles, descriptions, audio files, etc. – everything found in your former RSS feed).

To do so, here are the steps: 👇

  • Create an Ausha account on or log into your existing Ausha account.

  • When you’ve created or logged into your account, and reached the show creation process, select Import an existing show.

  • Enter your podcast’s current RSS feed link (the one provided by Transistor) in the Show name or RSS link for the show to import field.

  • Click Continue to confirm your show’s import!

  • All episodes (Published publicly on Transistor) will be immediately imported on Ausha and will be added to your show’s Ausha RSS feed. 🎉

All that’s left is to tackle Step 2: Redirect !

Step 2: How do I redirect my Transistor RSS feed to my new Ausha RSS feed on the Transistor interface ?

Redirecting your RSS feed ensures your podcast’s future by indicating to all listening platforms where your show is distributed that they need to pick up your new episodes on a new RSS feed (the one you now have on Ausha).

To set up the redirect, follow these steps: 👇

  • Log into your Transistor account.

  • Contact the Transistor Support team ( : click on the blue bubble to chat with the support) to ask them to redirect your Transistor RSS feed to your new Ausha RSS feed. 💡 Note: You will need the new RSS feed link for your podcast on Ausha. To learn how to find it, check out this article: How do I find my RSS feed ? 👈

  • Once the transfer is complete (Warning: you must both import and redirect), you can then close your Transistor account.

💡 You should know…

👉 Transistor cannot transfer your listens statistics from your old RSS feed to Ausha. If you want to keep track of your previous listens, we recommend you download /copy / jot down that info before transferring your podcast to Ausha.

👉 Finally, you should know that this whole transfer process is completely invisible to your audience, regardless of their chosen listening platform. You will not lose any subscribers on the listening platforms: your listeners will not see any difference in the episodes posted from your former hosting service and those posted on Ausha. 🚀

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